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This Heat!
Thursday, February 20, 2020
This heat is unbearable! I'm so glad the summer place has a pool! I love lounging by the side of the pool in the afternoon sun. I sometimes wonder if anyone is watching me, gazing at my tan moist flesh while I lay out in my tiny bikini. With such a high fence I doubt anyone could see inside. But I can feel your eyes on me, my body begins to tingle. My hands roam over my body. You wish these hands were your own fondling my sexy big breasts and hot body. I sigh as my nipples come hard as my fingers touch and squeeze them over my bikini top. You're touching yourself as well. You just can't help yourself. You're a pervert watching the sexy milf next door masturbate when she thinks that she is alone. You're invading my privacy but I have no idea. My fingers caress the soft fabric of the bikini bottoms moaning softly. I untie the side and pull it to the side my perfect pink pussy on display. You're stroking it now. You're panting. You're so close. I plunge my fingers deep inside exploring my soft folds fingering my sweet little cunt. You can't hold back now you explode with passion soaking yourself in jizz. My fingers expertly bring me to orgasm and I sunbath happily as the tingling sensation subsides. That is when I look over to where you are, our eyes lock and I smile. This may end up benefiting me after all. But that will have to be some other time. I stand and saunter into the house but not before turning and blowing you one last kiss!

Sultry Suzanne.....Your Sexy Vixen


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He was told to beg
Sunday, January 12, 2020
He thought he could get away with it!  He didn't know that he had a tell, that I could just take one look at his face and know that he had been up to no good.  Of course, his computer records were the proof, so, I decided it was time to make him grovel, just a bit.

He loved to have those sexy texting sessions with women that he meets online and sometimes on the job and promised that he would not do it anymore now that we were a couple.  Well, he thinks that just deleting a history is all there is to it, but stupid man, I own the phone and the whole history is online!  So, I presented him with these facts, he turned ten shades of red and asked what I wanted, said he would do anything.

I said, quite simply, "Beg."  He looked at me and wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  "You heard me, I said beg!  Not just standing there either, get down on your hands and knees and beg me for my forgiveness.  Then while you are down there, why not show me exactly how you are going to make it up to me."

The look of shock on his face was priceless, but it was well worth it.  I added one more insult to injury too as I said, "Oh, and lose the clothes, all of them."  I saw his adams apple bob up and down, but he did as he was told.  He was an excellent little pussy licker, so I knew that I would at least get some satisfaction out of it today.  Of course, he wasn't going to get any.  He was going to get the worst case of blue balls of his life.  He was going to have to earn the right to cum with me again, how long, well, that would be up to me, and of course, a direct result of his actions here and for whatever else I have in mind!

As I looked down into his blue eyes, holding his gaze, he thrust his tongue in and out of my soaking wet pussy.  Yes, it was a bit of a power trip, having him naked before me on his hands and knees, but then again, I did love to cum!  He started to suck on my hard and swollen little clit and that was all it took to put me over the edge and start to squirt all over his face.  Yes, it was a good power trip indeed!

Sultry Suzanne.....Your Sexy Vixen

Sultry Suzanne the Naughty Vixen.
Monday, December 09, 2019

Who would have thought that a simple picnic in the park would turn out to be so much fun!  It was our third date, I had been a bit reserved with him.  I really liked him but I didn't want to seem desperate and jump right into bed with him.  But today, we just had so much fun, we laughed, we drank wine, ate strawberries and cream and just got to know each other.  When he leaned in for that first hot kiss, I swear the air just sizzled!  

I think he felt it too because before we both knew it, we were half naked on the picnic blanket.  My white sundress was lifted up and the top pulled down to reveal those perky tits with nipples that were aching to be suckled.  His mouth was hot and firm, drawing the tip to a stiff peak, goosebumps forming across my skin as he devoured me.

He pulled me down half on top of him, across his lap and I felt those hands burning across my skin, everywhere they touched. He seemed to anticipate exactly what I needed, knew precisely where to touch me to drive me wild.  When those fingers pushed aside my little panties and found that moist center, I almost cried out from the need I felt.

He slowly plunged his fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy and I knew I was going to cum right there.  He kissed me hard, he felt my body begin to shake and delved those fingers deeper.  I soaked his hand and his eyes widened when he looked back at me.  With one swift motion, he unzipped his pants, yanked them down and pulled me down on his hard cock.   I rode him right there and I could feel that power that he had over me as we climaxed so fast.  It was so equisit, that feeling of total inhibition right there that I just sighed in contentment.

Basking in the glow of that erotic encounter, we made our way back to the car. As I was putting the blanket in the backseat, he came up behind me, pulled up my skirt and whispers in my ear as he slides my panties to the side, "Let's have one more for the road, Sultry Suzanne."

Let's talk.
Monday, December 09, 2019
There is no hurry here as we talk, debate, discuss whatever comes to mind. Take your time, learn all there is to know about me and then want more! I like to laugh, have fun and be flirty with you. I like to be kinky and openminded when is comes to the things that we each crave. Have that sexy roleplay in mind? Need some dominance or want that woman who is sensual and willing to please? It is all about the give and take, making sure we reach that peak or just enjoy the pleasure of intellectually stimulating conversation. Get to know me, Sultry Suzanne, in a way you never have before!

Some Topics I Enjoy:
Sensual Discovery
Mutual Masturbation
Secret Fantasy
Casual Conversation
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Confide in Me
Erotic Stories
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Control, Tease, Edge, Denial
Fantastic Foot Jobs
Lacy Lingerie and Stocking
Sexy, Seductive Roleplays

If there is something you would like to discuss that is not listed, just ask! I am very open minded!

About me.
Monday, December 09, 2019
There are a few things that I truly enjoy talking about as we get to know each and explore each other well. I want to talk about relationship, connections, things that make you tick. Share details from where you have been or where you would like to go. Let’s about some of todays current events without going too extreme, we can all be passionate at times about any given subject. I find that those everyday small details puts me on that intimate path to you.
Deep, meaningful and arousing mind stimulation opens those thoughts to our everyday desires. I love sex, let’s just put that out there right now. But life is not all about sex or how hard we can make each other reach an epic climax. Those little details as we get to know each other, that is where all of the good stuff happens. This is about introduction, knowledge, awareness and depth.

I want to crawl into the recesses of your mind and have that conversation, that intellectual connection that comes from being aware, educated and up to date on all the ways of the world. Knowledge is power and that, my friend, is one of the most powerful, erotically sexy characteristic in any man or woman.

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