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What is is a portal site for performers who use Verfied Call®. We provide you with a profile and call button that works with your Verfied Call® account.

We are performers, just like you, who want to bring back the art of real phone sex. No cash grabs, no financial domination. Just good old-fashioned fantasy phone sex.

We believe that Verified Call® is an under-utilized sales tool that doesn’t work well on its own, but when provided as a collective on a site such as it can really be a great way to add another income stream to your existing profiles on the big platforms.

What is Verfied Call®?

Verified Call® is a phone platform. Nothing more. It is used by vanilla professionals as well as adult performers. They do not have a website with their performers. They do not provide tribute, product sales, cam or marketing services. They simply provide you with an anonymous phone service. Verfied Call® has been around for years but is rarely used because you really have to market your ass off.

However, as most of us know, the phone sex industry has taken a huge hit for a myriad of reasons and the big platforms just aren’t producing the business they once were. And some of the platforms out there are just plain raping the performers by taking massive cuts on calls in some cases 70% as opposed to the industry standard of 30%.

Enter Verified Call®…

Why Verfied Call®?

Because Verfied Call® is where you’ll make the most money, believe it or not. When you set your price at Verified Call®, you can see what VC (Verified Call®) will add as their fee and what the client will ultimately pay per minute. This means whatever you set your rate at, is what you’ll get per minute, not the other way around as it is with most platforms.

Because VC doesn’t accept tributes, the ability to sell products or cam services it means their cut is very low because they don’t have to go through all the compliance issues with the payment processors.

The drawback to VC, as we stated earlier, is that because they don’t provide a way to market yourself, most performers don’t bother using it yet it’s the most profitable FOR YOU.

Verfied Call® is also a fantastic way to provide services that the big platforms can’t. So many misunderstood fetishes such as ABDL, sissys, bodily fluid play, castration etc. are banned from the big platforms due to payment processor restrictions. Because VC only provides phone service you can offer these more obscure fetish services through VC. Again, opening up another revenue stream.

But let’s be clear, will NOT advertise any services that contain pedophilia or incest. What you discuss on the call is up to you but we won’t be advertising anything to do with these disorders. Our suggestion is to use the words taboo if you indulge that type of play. Otherwise go crazy advertising that you now indulge the more esoteric fetishes.

What is the Purpose of

We are performers using Verified Call® just like you are, or are about to. We’re in the same marketing boat as you are; all of us little paper boats in a vast sea. But we thought if we could wrangle all the boats in one place it makes us much easier to be seen. is a portal site where you as a Verified Call® performer can have a profile with your VC call button.

Together with the help of fellow performers on we can drive traffic to one place to give clients an alternative to using the big sites. Little boats all in one place as opposed to spread out.


There are some rules to that will be strictly adhered to:

     -We are the non-findom phone sex alternative.

     -We are bringing back the art of phone fantasy and tease so only sensual photos will be allowed.

To help with site promotion all performers will be required to:

    Provide a blog post at least once a month
    Place a banner on your personal website
    Provide consistent service (we don’t want a site filled with performers that aren’t available)
    Promote the site on social media and other platforms will provide:

    Profile listing
    Continuous SEO & Traffic provisions
    Social Media Marketing


We make NOTHING off of you being here. We don’t get a cut if you join Verified Call®. We aren’t affiliate marketing. This is just a group of like-minded PSO’s with a vision. Because of that we aren’t going to be doing all the work. This is why we have rules that we will be sticking to. And why we are being very select with who we bring on to the site.

If you don’t pull your weight we will very unceremoniously delete your profile. That may sound harsh but we want to provide a good service where clients can depend on our selection of performers and can rely on the fact that they are professional, consistent and know their subject matter. That’s why many of you who land here have been personally asked to join.

What does it take be included on

You MUST be a performer with a provable track record. This will be done through vetting your profiles on the big platforms and checking your social media. And YES we will be checking.

Performer lines must be set at a minimum of $1.99 per min, at a 10 minute minimum package rate.  Phone sex is a luxury privilege and we hold MPS performers to the industry standards. This is why we make sure MPS performers are experienced in the craft of phone sex.
That’s it…

If you think you can adhere to our rules of play and will genuinely help in promoting the site, we’re happy to have you.

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We delete all information sent if you are not selected to be a MPS performer.
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