Being the Sissy Baby you are, finding a safe place to confess your secret AB/DL desires can be difficult. Don’t worry sweetpea, your Sissy Mommy is here to give you a safe place to play in your diapie. I will be your sweet nurturing mommy, the devious & cruel mommy, or, maybe you just need to confess your naughty, taboo secret. When you are in Mommy Amelia’s arms, whatever you need, will be provided.

Grab your nappies, your bottle, your passy, and let your AB/DL desires flow with Mommy Amelia.

*I will watch you on Cam, just ask me how*

Welcome to my secret blog, I'm Ms. Amelia Divine.
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Diaper Pansy Playdates
Thursday, May 21, 2020
One of the fun things about raising little diaper regressed sissy babies are all the fun diaper pansy playdates. You will never grow up to be a proper sissy if you don't have any playdates. You must learn to socialize with other Alpha mommies and sissy babies.

First, we must get you dressed. Adorable frilly pink dresses, bonnets, bobby-socks, and mary-jane shoes. But, no sissy baby would be complete without soft, cloth diapers with "pretty princess" monogrammed on the back of them. Don't worry, Mommy will make sure you wear your clear rubber panties so everyone will see any nasty messes you make.

We have to make sure your diaper bag is packed, don't we? Cummy bottles, pacifiers, extra diapers, all with different monograms. "Sissy Baby", "Pretty Gurl", "Future Sissy Slut"...things like that. Of course, I need to make sure you have all of your favorite toys. That little pink vibrator mommy puts in the front of your diaper, or you favorite dildo sucker. LOL, oh you're so adorable with I strap that in your mouth.

Once we're all packed up, we off to the Pansy Playdate. All the mommies dressed in their beautiful lingerie, sitting, drinking wine, and laughing at the little pansy babies on the floor playing with each other. Oops, did you make a stinky mess in your diaper? Well, you know that means I have to change you in front of all the mommies and they are going to see your tiny little baby dick. Won't that be silly and embarrassing? Such a naughty baby.

For making a mess in your diaper, that means you have to be punished. That's when mommy puts you over her knee, pulls out your special pink paddle, and let's all the mommies take turns giving you spanks.

Oh, what a day you will have!

Sissy Regression | Why It's Important
Friday, April 03, 2020
Many sissies have a glimpse into their future desires when they are young. Maybe they found a pair of dirty panties on the floor in mommy's room or some other means. But it was those first pair of panties that started them on the journey of sissification.

Working with sissies exclusively I've found many sissies enjoy sissy regression, ABDL, or some type of diaper play. They enjoy the action of everything they know as a "man" being taken away from them and starting new with diapers and gurly things. I see sissy regression as a rebirth. It's a scary and even humiliating time for the sissy, but vital to the growth of a sissy.

For example, I take a sissy who is looking for regression and take away their male clothing, stripping them naked, and then I begin diapering them. However, I'm not using just regular diapers, these diapers are pink and gurly. From there, I put on their rubber pants, and sometimes even a pair of lacy panties. After that, they are placed in a dress, bonnet and all, given a bottle (this bottle could be anything from formula to Alpha male cum) and treat them as the little gurly sissy baby they are.

During sissy regression, a sissy can go from baby to child, to adult, all the while "growing up" like a sissy. This helps them focus on actually being a sissy, learning, growing, and understanding their place. It's like the military, breaking you down to build you back up the way they want. That is exactly what I do to my sissies and sissy babies. I regress them to depend on me, wanting to please me, and eventually, they need to please all Alphas as the perfect sissy slut.

Ms. Amelia Divine

The Fluffer Can Get Greedy
Tuesday, March 03, 2020
It tends to be an "occupational hazard" for little sissy fluffers. Once they get a nice, thick cock in their mouth, it can be a chore to pull that mouth off.

You know it's true, don't deny it. I'm sure as you're reading this you're holding your head down and slightly nodding thinking about that last cock you fluffed for your Mistress. How when you opened your mouth to perfection, you were already fighting the pooling drool you had. Then, of course, feeling that cock growing in your mouth, lol, it just made you suck harder with a purpose. All you could think about was, "Oh please, please, I just want his cum, this one time!" Of course, when you get the first teases of precum, he pulls it out and takes it to a real pussy.

Oh, what a disappointment huh?

All you can do is sit on your knees and watch that hard cock press into your Mistresses pussy while you savor the faint taste of a real man on your tongue. That's when the emotions start to mix. You're so proud of how hard you made that cock. You love hearing the moans and groans of your Mistress being pleased, but, you're jealous it's not you.

You wish your mouth was getting fucked like her pussy. You want so badly to be on your hands and knees being used like a slut, and how fucking bad you want to taste his cum first hand. I say first hand only because you will if you're lucky, be able to clean your Mistress' pussy. But, fresh cum, straight from those massive balls are what you so secretly desire.

But, you have to wait. Right there, on your knees, watching him fuck your Mistress, and praying you can at least clean his cock from the leftovers.

Sissy Confessions Are A Thing
Sissy Confessions Are A Thing
Thursday, December 12, 2019
I’ve noticed that on most platforms the Sissy Dommes you see are usually trying to expose, blackmail, humiliate, or “cuckold” a sissy, (more on my annoyance on relating cuckolding and sissification later). There seems to be an overall lack of safe places for sissies to confess their desires, ask questions, and be open about their fetishes. I find that to be a shame because a sissy needs a place to confess, someone they can trust and talk to.

I believe sissy confessions can help stop the purging habit.

Purging is something a lot of sissies/submissives go through. It usually happens after the sissy has an orgasm, then feels guilty after coming to their senses. They take everything they’ve collected, toys, panties, website, or other things, and throws them away. They stop calling their Dommes and try to live a “normal”l life. Sooner or later though, they come back to their desire, and the cycle starts over. If the sissy had someone they could talk to, I truly believe this would stop the purging. They would be able, to be honest about their guilt, not have to worry about being blackmailed or exposed. Just able to speak to a Domme, and get that support they need to not purge.

When I get a call from a sissy looking for a safe place to confess, I admit, I feel special.

The sissy calling me has obviously researched me and has come to feel they can trust me. That is such a deep compliment, and I feel honored. When a sissy confesses to me, I want to hear them, listen to them, and if need, shut the hell up and let them talk. Being a sissy is not easy, and takes so much courage and strength. I do my very best to help a sissy understand themselves and their desires. I want sissies and submissives to be comfortable enough with me to receive the aftercare and support they need.

Honesty in Submission | Speak Your Truth
Monday, November 25, 2019

Too many submissives go around bending to every will and desire of a Dom, they forget they are submitting for their enjoyment. Honesty in submission is so very important for a submissive to remember. There is nothing wrong with a submissive speaking the truth in what they desire, and it will make their submission much more enjoyable.

Why is honesty in the submission so important?

I've come across many sissies who have told me they were relieved to see how I speak about, "not all sissies wanting to suck cock". When I hear that I can't help but wonder how many times did they "suck cock" in their fantasy or real-time session when it was not what they wanted? I believe they may be trying to show respect to their Domme or, worse, are intimidated by their Domme. I understand how difficult it is to find the perfect Domme. Also, when you have the small window to indulge your desire, you become weak with desperation and willing to do anything. Resulting in half-assed enjoyment. Speaking your truth, being honest with what you want will give you a much deeper enjoyment.

How to be honest while showing respect.

On one hand, when you call a Domme, you must be honest and clear before you begin the fantasy. I can't tell you how many times I ask a submissive what they are looking for and all I get is, "I want to be trained". If you are not clear with what you want, what turns you on and off, then your half-assed enjoyment is your fault. So, before you begin your session, talk, be honest, answer any questions honestly. A good Domme will never judge or degrade you for being honest. On the other hand, if a Domme is leading you down a road you're not happy with, speak up. You are allowed to say, "Mistress, this is not what I'm wanting, can we redirect it to....." Again, a good Domme will respect you speaking your truth. She will adjust her thinking and will make sure the fantasy is what you desire.

If you aren't honest in your submission, if you don't speak your truth, then the failure of enjoyment is on you, not the Domme.

Ms. Amelia Divine

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