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Welcome to my secret blog, I'm Dr. Sue.
Hello, I’m Dr Sue Storm, fetish therapist and host of the radio show In Bed with Dr Sue and the popular fetish education blog The Dr Sue Review. I’m happy to take your call discuss those topics that you can’t with anyone else; even another therapist. Taboo fetishes can cause you to feel extreme guilt and shame. Give me a call and I’ll help you alleviate those issues so you can explore and indulge openly and freely.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Have you ever been plagued by thoughts of sucking another man’s cock? And did these thoughts make you worried that maybe you were gay and didn’t know it? Believe it or not these are very common thoughts and have nothing to do with being gay. In fact, you can suck a dick and even get fucked by another male and not be gay. The reason you have these thoughts are because you have a sexually submissive side that wants to submit to the cock, not the man behind the cock.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re watching cock sucking porn that you’re focused only on the cock and not the guy? That’s why. You aren’t interested having a relationship with the dude, you just want to please that cock. You want to have a chance to make that cock cum not have dinner with Frank and the kids. So relax. The next time you’re freaking out because you think you’re a closet fag, you’re probably just submissive. Now if you can’t handle that, you need to call me.

Tough Situations
Sunday, January 12, 2020
One of the toughest situations to be in is having a kink or fetish and having no outlet for it. A lot of the other sites like Niteflirt and I Want Phone won't allow many fetishes to be discussed even in a clinical fashion. This restriction is even on the clip sites like Clips 4 Sale, I Want Clips, Niteflirt, Many Vids & AVN leaving so many of the more "taboo" fetishes and kinks out in the cold. Now I understand that this is based on their payment processors. The main credit card companies HATE sex but still want a piece of the pie so they allow it but only to a point. This sucks if you're in to things such as Castration, ABDL, Little play, Furries, Blood & Needle play, Medical Domination, Forced Sex and so many more because it leaves you with no real place to go to discuss these kinks and fetishes. But that's the nice part of My Phone Secret and Verified Call. Now we have the ability to talk to you about all of these more esoteric kinks to your heart's content. So if you're having issues with any of these more fringe fetishes and need helping dealing with having them I'm happy to talk to you about it just give me a call.
Welcome to VerifiedCall®
Monday, November 25, 2019

Welcome to a platform for VerifiedCall®.

Although you’ve probably seen me promoting the snot out of this site or I’ve contacted you to come on over, I’m not the owner of it. I’m promoting it because I think it’s a fantastic idea and the ladies behind are wonderful.

Just as they tell you on the performer sign up page, VerifiedCall® is great but when there’s no platform to promote it from, it makes it hard to let people know that you offer it which is why I think is just what those of us who want to offer service towards the more taboo fetishes needed.

Ok yeah you could use that other site, and I’m on it too but let’s face it, the pay scale for that site is insulting to say the least and it feels skeevy ‘over there.’ 

And gentlemen, YOU finally have a phone sex site where you know the women aren’t going to be begging you for money. NO FINANCIAL DOMINATION is the way phone sex was in the before times. LOL. Fantasy, seduction and FUN! The world knows how I feel about findom so when I heard that was part of their vision, I was IN!

So I’m stoked to be here and I hope everyone else is too. Make sure you let EVERYONE KNOW about so we all BENEFIT!

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